Hi! I'm Cameo

First things first, Yes, my "real" name is Cameo. It's actually Cameo Bobo.  Now that I have your attention lol, here's alittle about myself! I live in Nashville and I'm a mom to an amazing son. I am a beauty extractor, natural encourager, and born socializer!

I help women evolve, achieve goals and be beautiful everyday through coaching, music, speaking and fashion related services.

Full Bio

CAMEO BOBO – Gracing the H&M Runway Billboard in Times Square New York in 2016, Cameo is a Vibrant, enlightened, and creative Entrepreneur, Musician, Goal Coach, Model, and Fashion Expert. Growing up in Jackson, TN, her youth was filled with years of competitive dance (jazz & tap), piano and track, she earned a B.S. from Middle Tennessee State University in Fashion Merchandising.  She is the founder of God’s Princess Inc., which is spreading the message of FAWM (fearfully and wonderfully made), encouraging girls to know that they are princesses, beautiful and unique.  Cameo who is a natural beauty and confidence extractor to those she encounters, has worked with Gospel Music Ambassador Bobby Jones, The Stellar Awards, Dove Awards and numerous others.  Cameo is changing the world one person at a time through fashion modeling, music and as a Goal Coach helping women evolve, achieve goals and be beautiful everyday.  She has over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry along with an extensive portfolio of work. The word Cameo, Latin for “jewel of perfection” – describes the beauty, kindness and selfless, accommodating attitude that has led her to success on plethora of levels. Her greatest achievement is being a mother to her an amazing son Kairee.

 (bio current as of August 2020)

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