This Goal Setting Workshop is you!

Learn the Best Life Formula: 

A proven method to achieving your goals

Are you a Ready to Set Goals,

Confidently Evolve

and Live your Best Life?

What is the Best Life Formula?


It's just best life formula. You see every time I use this formula, I am able to achieve my goals...every single time. 

Using this formula, I've achieved personal and business goals ranging from owning my business goals to family vacation goals and even my goals to meet certain celebrities.


In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to stay focused and organized while achieving your goals

  • How to achieve your goals in 90 day increments

  • How to use the power of confession to manifest your goals

  • How to develop a detailed action plan for your goals


Enroll in the Goal Setting Workshop,

Learn the best life formula and

achieve your goals in 90 days!

"I promise your goals are achievable.  I'm living proof and in this workshop I’ll show you exactly

how to achieve your goals"

Goal Coach - Cameo Bobo


Cameo’s goal setting workshop is phenomenal! She has a well-thought out and organized approach that

will help you set goals and take the necessary steps to reach those goals.

I encourage anyone looking to

accomplish big or small things in 2019

to connect with Cameo

Rahisi Designs, CEO

I enjoyed this workshop so much.  I walked out feeling empowered and excited to work toward goals that are paramount in my life.  Consider taking this workshop if you need a reminder and game plan for working toward

the best version of yourself.

C. Johnson

My Goal Setting Workshop experience was amazing!! Cameo critiqued each attendee individually and gave us steps to accomplish our goals. It was also a great opportunity to network.

I will definitely attend another workshop!!!

Workshop Attendee

The Goal Setting Workshop was very helpful and knowledgeable. 

If you have specific goals that would like to to reach Cameo has the skill set to help you achieve them.


Nursing School Student

Cameo helps you pinpoint areas that will help you see your goals through.  She is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping others evolve. I recommend this Goal

Setting Workshop to anyone needing directions or a push in to

achieve your goals .


Social Work College Student

Cameo is very career driven and knowledgeable.  She can help you reach specific goals by directing you to all the right resources.

Kwana Barnett, CEO

Cameo is well knowledgeable about setting goals and empowering

others.  She has a deep compassion

to help others achieve their goals.

Phyllis Dean, CEO

Special Needs Daycare

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