#3 Tips to hire a great photographer

Updated: Jul 18

Photo credit: D. Pledger Photography, Model: Cameo Bobo

1. Get a referral: Do you know a person who takes pictures frequently such as a friend or model on Facebook/IG and their pictures always look great? Ask them for a referral and to rate (scale 1-10) their experience of working with the photographer. You want to hire a photographer who is professional, timely, well equipped (camera, lights etc.), and creative.

2. Ask to see their portfolio: This may consist of a website, social media pages, Tumbler page, etc. Look to see if their style of photography fits what you want to achieve with your shoot. Do you like the style, quality and lighting of their photos? Are there examples of photos similar to what you desire to shoot? Don't select a photographer who does not have examples of the type of photographs you want.

3. Ask for a quote: Explain your shoot idea and request a quote. Most photographers charge by the hour and rates range from $50+. If the quote does not fit your budget, see if the photographer will consider working within your budget. If not, ask the photographer for a referral. The photographer may know another great photographer that will work with your budget.

Photo credit: D. Pledger Photography, Model: Cameo Bobo

Take the time to hire the "right" photographer. Here is a list of photographers that I've worked with and have always provided quality work. If you have additional questions, leave a comment below and I would love to help!

D. Pledger Photography

KC Photography

The Vi-Vid Experience

LaBre Photography

Tonya Osbourne Photography

Tell them I sent you way! :) Next post...will be on How to Prepare for a Shoot!

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