A little Floral Bikini

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

What's a visit to the beach without a bikini? Boring I say!

So what's a beach trip without a bikini? Boring I say! I found this bikini...yes at Citi Trends on clearance for only $5.99!!! I almost danced at the register when the clerk did a price check and told me that price! At Citi Trends, rules are no trying on swimwear or lingerie etc., so I was really happy when the price was so cheap (if didn't fit, I wouldn't be at much of a lost).

Buying a swimsuit is a hard task, especially when you can't try it on. But I figured this swimsuit to would work because it is made in a similar style to one of my other favorites swimsuits. When I got home, I tired on the swimsuit and I was right it fitted perfectly!


“When selecting swimsuits, stick with styles that work. Also buy swimsuits in colors that compliment your skin color. Look good in royal blue? Look for a blue swimsuit”

If you're like me, when you finally come across a swim suit that you like and feel comfortable in and you wear it more frequently than your swimsuits. And it's great that you have one that you know will work but what's wrong with options? I'm working on a blog post that will help you know what swimsuits work on what body type so you'll be beautiful and stylish whenever you go to the beach or pool again!

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