Chill no freezer

Updated: Feb 6

Can you imagine making ice cream without an electric freezer? Sarah Estell, a prominent African American Nashville business owner in the 1830’s, ran an ice cream shop with only ice blocks to chill the ice cream!

With that determination she also ran a boarding house. Ice cream at time was expensive and hard to find, so she catered to churches, politicians and other elite figures in the community. Her ice cream shop did very well and placed her in the elite financial bracket.

So next time you buy ice cream, think about Ms. Estell, a African American business woman who supplied ice cream to Nashvillians over 100 years ago! Also take in the feeling that you're enjoying a treat that at time was only available for the elite.

Outfit details:

Orange bodysuit (Amazon)

Jean (I think buckle)

Jean heals (Amazon)

Hair and outfit styling by Me

Makeup: Sasha Wordlaw

Photo: The Vi-Vid Experience

History obtained from the Nashville Scene

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