how I manifested my goal of being on the Billboard in Times Square

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

When I arrived in New York City, I had NO idea that within hours, I would experience one of the greatest moments of my life! Check it out:

Here's how it happened:

My son (Kairee) and I arrived in Times Square and the first store we visited was H&M. As we were walking around the store, Kairee asked, "Mom did you see the runway?" I casually said, "No, what runway?" and continued shopping.

As we approached the checkout counter, he asked again, "Mom did you see the runway?"

I said, "What runway?" that's when he pointed to a Huge Sign at the top store that read, "Walk the H&M Runway. If we like your walk, we'll show it on our JUMBO Billboard outside of the store." Before I finished reading the sign, I was already headed towards the runway on the third floor of the store!

On the third floor, I found a live DJ, professional illuminated runway and video cameras. I looked towards the DJ and he pointed to an IPAD, that was for registration. I registered, then he motioned for me to walk the runway and THE REST IS HISTORY!

Sounds like a random experience huh? Like lady luck just came up and grabbed my hand? Well it wasn't! It was actually a manifestation of one my goals.

Weeks before our trip, I was home brain storming marketing ideas for my business, We Are FAWM, specifically ideas for marketing t-shirt merchandise. I remember thinking, "What is the biggest marketing strategy, that would give the FAWM shirts the most exposure? I said aloud, "What if FAWM shirts were featured on a billboard in Times Square! I then thought, "But how much would that cost?" I wrote the goal down and moved on.

A month later, I found out that the cost of having my FAWM shirts featured on a billboard in Times Square would be absolutely FREE!

It was that simple. I used my mind to create my dream, and spoke it into existence. Why don't you give it a try? Think of your dream(s). Decide what you would like to happen. Then speak it out loud, write it down and stay open to the TRUTH that it will happen! Don't doubt, just believe it can and will happen. With this process, I manifested a dream that I had no idea of how it would happen, but it did and if it happened for me, IT CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU!

By the way, a huge thanks to my son Kairee for his persistence. If not for him, I would have missed a major life changing moment. He told me later, "Mom when I read the sign, I thought about you. I knew that you could do it and would want to have that experience!"

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