Flare Pants Everywhere!

Sometimes you find a certain style that just works. It could be a hair or nail color, style of clothing whatever...it just works. That's what happened when I found this pair of high waist flare bottom pants, The Pants Just Work!

I'm always looking for style inspiration, so when I saw the pants on an IG post, I was instantly inspired!! I immediately went to Amazon, and found the pants, I was excited to see that they came in lots of colors!!

At that time, I was creating looks for my Essence Festival trip and I wanted something unique. Plus I'd been envisioning an all neon outfit in my head, so when I saw the pants came in neon green, I knew it was meant to be! I found a neon lime top also on Amazon to create the look. AND IT WORKED PERFECTLY! The look is unique, monochromatic, and neon green, exactly what I wanted! Plus the neon green mono look gives off a futuristic feel.

For the second look, I purchased the black and white skin pair. Animal print specifically snake skin is a Summer trend plus I wanted to test my creative skills to see if I could once again create a monochromatic look but this time with prints. The results? I aced the test baby because this look is hot! It is regal, sexy, on trend (prints), soft and beautiful all in one!

I love when outfits come out perfect! What do you think of the looks? Will you give the flare pants a try? Leave a comment and let me know!

Until the next blog post, Girl! Keep Shining, Loving Life, Putting Yourself 100% First and Living Your Best Life! ;)

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