graduation parade

Celebrate your graduate regardless of the pandemic.

No one knew we'd be here four years ago when freshman entered high school. Prom, Formal Graduation, Awards Ceremonies ALL Canceled. With that in mind, I was determined to ensure my son's accomplishment of graduating from high school was celebrated with a

graduation parade/party

His high school opted to hold a "Drive-thru graduation Ceremony" on a Sunday at 1:30 p.m. so I scheduled the graduation parade/party to begin at 4:00 pm.


I created this invite and printed the invites at FedEx Kinkos. I emailed and texted the invite to guests. Like this invite? Purchase a custom invite with a downloadable link from me for $4.99. Email me at


I worked on logistics, to ensure traffic flowed smoothly and the event look great.

The parade was held in our neighborhood. Our home is on a on a cul de sac, so my son stood in the middle and cars drove up to him. I also added decorations around that area and designed a 2x6 graduation banner. Order a custom banner from me for $60. Email me at


I catered the parade and party to my sons likes. His number #1 request was that our family attend. So I setup a viewing area in my carport, where our family could watch the parade and enjoy refreshments.

I let my son, select the refreshments: chicken wings, rotel dip/chips, cupcakes, fruit cups, can drinks and Capri Suns. For COVID-19 safety, I placed nacho chips in individual sandwiches bags, cupcakes in single containers and made DIY fruit cups in single containers. And of course we were armed with hand sanitizer!


I hired a DJ!

Music makes every occasion more festive. If you don‘t have access to a DJ, click here hire DJ Dahwu, he was amazing!

If a DJ just isn't in the budget, I suggest creating a playlist to play to entertain guests.

I also hired a photographer. She showed up 30 minutes before the parade and capture beautiful family photos for us! Labre Photography

Proud Mom


  • I put out signage to help with traffic and had a friend help guide traffic, we had about 35 cars in the parade.

  • Here's what I sent to parade participants the morning of the parade: (I just typed the memo in my "notes" screenshot and sent via text).

  • And gave treats to people who joined the parade. I gave each person a bottled water with a senior 2020 label, a cupcake and a treat bag that included a thank you card.

I hope this helps you celebrate your graduate in a special way!

Happy graduation season -


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