How I set-up my home office during the coronavirus quarantine period

Here are a few tips to help you set-up from home office or working space. (Scroll down for reveal video)

Last week, when it was confirmed that I would be working from home due social distancing because Coronavirus aka Rona. I instantly thought, "I should clean my spare bedroom and turn it into an office!" Two days later, I finally decided to get started on the room lol.

My spare bedroom previously served as a dumping space for my extra clothes, etc. In other words it was a mess. But I no longer had excuses and I finally had the time and the energy. As I opened the door to the room, I was instantly reminded of why the door had remained shut since the fall of September 2019...literally the calendar on the wall was still set on September of 2019.

But surprisingly, it only took about an hour and half to clean the room. And I'm overjoyed with the results!

Tips on how to create your own home office or working space:

1. Take inventory of the room and arrange items as needed. The large items in my spare room were: a twin bed (without a headboard), large chair, desk lamp and small TV stand. Since my goal was to create a home office, I needed a desk. Thankfully, I had one in the garage that a friend had given to me. But before moving the desk into the room, I decided on the layout. I moved the twin bed to one wall, the chair to a corner, removed the tv stand and that left space of the desk. (see pic above and video below for details)

2. Create a feng shui space. A space that gives you energy and free flow vibes.

  • Ensure that your office has appropriate lighting and feels bright.

  • Your work space/desk should have a clear view of the door.

  • Clean the room or space thoroughly. You don't to be distracted by a dirty/cluttered room while you're working.

  • Give yourself the essential needs. This is YOUR office, give yourself what you need to work. Love lotion? Make sure you have a bottle on your desk. This is your office, not your company's space. You Can Make This Exactly the Way You Like It! Check out the video below, I discuss this more.

3. Give yourself time to accomplish the project. Creating a home office or work space shouldn't take more than two days.

If you want to create a home office or working space but you feel pressure or just can't figure out what to do. Call one of your "creative" friends, I'm sure they will be able to help. :) Or email me, I'd be happy to assist. This should be a fun, gratifying project!

Get more details in my reveal video:

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