Jumpsuit, friend or foe?

Links to outfit details below

Happy Monday! This weekend I traveled to Memphis, TN for my friends wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful, the reception was a big party & we all had fun! Sunday, before I headed back, I joined friends for lunch at Houston's Restaurant.

To lunch, I wore a denim jumpsuit from Citi Trends, that I love because it accents my curves! I wore open toe jean heels (link below) & later changed into a pair of Nikes. Denim jumpsuits are fun to wear because they are easy to dress up or down.

TIP: When shopping for jumpsuits, search for styles that compliment your shape. Always try on the jumpsuit: (1) Ensure it looks good on you and (2) Ensure its easy to take off (you don't want a hassle every time you go to the restroom!)

Link to boots and hair:

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