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Updated: Jan 29

Did you know that properly taking care of your skin is a form of selfcare? Well, it is. And it is time for us to fully understand how to take care of OUR skin. Sure, we use YouTube and Google for skincare advice, but are we doing the right things? To be honest, I’m still learning, that’s why I asked my friend, skincare and makeup guru Kicherie Council a few questions to help a sista out! Here’s what she had to say (read to the end, she’s offering FREE services!)

Kicherie pictured doing my makeup

QUESTION: When should women start a skincare regimen? Is it ever too late to start?

ANSWER: Teenage yrs when the body starts puberty, the sooner the better. Although skin imperfections and signs of aging are inevitable,  you want to get ahead of them, minimize and prevent as much as possible by starting early. It is NEVER too late.

QUESTION: At the very least what should women do to their faces daily?

ANSWER: At the very least,  cleanse,  tone, and moisturize DAILY.  Cleansing removes the impurities from the skin.  Toner removes any last traces of impurities.  It also restores your skin's natural PH balance levels and preps the skin to better intake the moisturizer.  The proper moisturizer for your skin will help your skin maintain a younger, softer, more elastic look and keep the skin pleasantly hydrated.  Using moisturizer that includes a SPF will protect your skin from sun rays and pollutants, and also act as a protective sealant layer after your cleaner and toner.  Apply your skincare (cleaner/toner.moisturizer) twice a day, morning and night. 

You skin will appreciate the effort and show your every time you look in the mirror! 

QUESTION: What are your favorite moisturizers/cleansers?

ANSWER: Kiehl's and Philosophy skincare provide awesome cleaners and moisturizers that cater to all skin types. They offer high end products without the high end price.  

QUESTION: Do have you recommend any home remedy to help with skincare?

ANSWER: Witch hazel mixed with baking soda and water can serve as a great toner. Lemon juice mixed with baking soda is great for dark spots and discoloration. 

QUESTION: Do you have any suggestions for facial masks?

ANSWER: Clay masks pull impurities from the skin and minimize pores and are great for oily or combination skin. Masks also slightly exfoliate the skin removing any dead skin cells.  Some clay masks hydrate and moisturize.  If your skin is very dry, I recommend a leave on hydrating night mask that will penetrate throughout the night. Some of my favorites masks: Kiehl'sOrigins, and Glam Glow. Here's a charcoal mask:

QUESTION: Any anti aging products for wrinkles, smiles lines?

ANSWER: Start skincare early as possible to prevent with aging.  Seek professional advice on this matter. I will note that living a healthy lifestyle can definitely help with signs of aging and properly protecting your skin from the sun. 

QUESTIONS: Do recommend collagen pills or supplements?

ANSWER: Studies have shown collagen pills do provide healthy benefits for the skin and the body. I recommend seeking professional advice. 

QUESTION: List any of your other favorite skincare products include high end and drug store finds.

ANSWER: I absolutely adore and highly recommend the LaMer skincare line (cleansers/moisturizers). A more price friendly skincare line that can be found at drugstores are Cetaphil products.  They offer a range of options depending on your skin type.  

QUESTION: Is there anything else you would like to add?

ANSWER: Skincare is VERY important.  You want your face to look as healthy as you feel. The goal is to have glowing beautiful radiant skin where you do not feel the need for makeup.  Makeup is awesome but it's purpose is to enhance your natural beauty.

So ladies there you go, tips from a expert skincare and makeup artist. Feel free to drop additional questions in the comments.

Want to start a skincare regimen and need help? Contact Kicherie for a free skincare and/or makeup consultation at the Tom Ford counter Dillards Green Hills by calling or texting 470-258-8740.

Kicherie expert skincare and makeup artist

Thanks for reading! Let's get our skin tight and right in 2020 :)


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