Me-Vacay why not?

Need a vacay, but traveling solo? Here's how I took a Me-Vacay to the mountains...

With social distancing guidelines and limited social events in my city. I needed to get away! I‘d noticed on social media that people were traveling and seemingly returning safely without traces of I decided to book a trip!

I originally wanted a trip to the beach but didn’t want to drive 6+ hours alone. So I decided to book a resort in the mountains in a city called Kingsport, TN about a 4 hour drive from Nashville. (Kingsport is about 45 minutes from the Sevierville/Pigeon Forge area).

The MeadowView Conference Resort & Convention Center was perfect and packed with every amenity: a large indoor pool and workout room, Starbucks, nice clean rooms, great customer ratings, and the resort was located on a beautiful golf course with walking trails. Tip: When traveling alone look for properties with multiple amenities that can limit the reasons you will have to leave the resort.

Want to book a Me-Vacy? CLICK HERE and I'll send you a FREE "Book a Me-Vacay" Step by Step guide that includes travel ideas, safety tips , ways to save money and more!

I arrived on a Thursday and stayed two nights with one goal in mind: To RELAX!

What did I do for two days? Well...

  1. I limited my social media access. I decided not to post any parts of my trip until I returned. That kept me off of my phone. I also set my to Do Not Disturb mode.

  2. I slept late every day. Sure I woke up around 6:30 am each day but I made myself go back to sleep.

  3. I worked out daily. Either in the fitness room or just a walk.

  4. I spent one day swimming and sitting in the Jacuzzi for about three hours LOL. Listening to music and playing in the water.

  5. I got a deluxe pedicure and it was amazing.

  6. I ordered room service, the menu items at the resort well reasonably priced $20 and under.

  7. Spent time in prayer and meditation and simply enjoyed myself.

Did I ever feel lonely or fearful? No!

I focussed on being safe and grateful for each moment. Would I do it again? Yes!

Want to book the Meadowview Resort for your Me-Vacay? Check out Priceline rates start around $75 a night. :-) Also when you get there tell Tonya the manger I sent you! ;-)

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