Mom, why do white people hate black people? A question asked by my son.

It was 8th grade, my classmates and I were anxiously waiting to find out who made the cheerleading squad. As our coach read the names, each girl stepped out of line and to the side. My name was read last (this had nothing to with my cheer skills lol) and I was ecstatic. I’d made the cheer squad!

As I walked out of the line, to join the others. My fellow classmate and cheer squad member yelled out, “I ain’t gonna cheer on the team with a bunch of Niggers”.

I looked over at my cheer coach who was frozen with a mortified look on her face and chaos began. The coach calmed us down, and asked my white cheer mate, the first person to call me a Nigger to my face, to apologize. Her apology, “My grandfather calls them that, I didn’t know it was wrong. I’m sorry.”

Needless to say, the cheer year wasn’t the greatest and I never tired out a again...dang racism!

“Racism still alive they be just concealing it”, a lyric from Kanye West’s Never Let Me Down.

That day, in middle school, I found that statement to be true. Today, in 2020, we still find that statement true.

My son asked, “Mom why do white people hate black people?”.

I attempted to explain slavery and the fear based mindset of slavery. How blacks were viewed at that time as animals instead of actual humans with rights.

But heck it’s 2020! Not 1820...

So I simply say to my son, “racism is still alive they just be concealing it.” Be mindful, watchful and prayerful.

Was that a good answer? No. I honestly don’t know how to answer the question. I and my son both clearly know that ALL white people don’t hate black people. His question really is, why after so many years, do some white people still hate black people?

Hate is a strong word. But love is too. And what I’ve seen on the news recently is NOT love.

Nevertheless, that was the only sound advice I could give my son, who is a breathing black man. Loved by many in a world where maybe even his peers have been told things about people that look like him. And those things may one day come out and cause him pain.

I’m writing this post at 2:53 am. I’d been wanting to comment on what has been going on in our nation the last week and I guess it finally came out...

The spirit of division plagues the United States. I’m praying and speaking that the Spirit of Unity will prevail.

The purpose of this post: We’re in this together. We must talk about how

racism is concealed and work to actively unify.

Sending love & blessings to you!

Cameo xoxo

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