outdoor photo shoot Location ideas

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

State Park, Lake/Ocean Area – You can’t lose, when you have the beautiful God created outdoors as your background. If you are in the MT area, try Long Hunter State Park or Percy Priest Lake.

Long Hunter State Park

City scape –Find a rooftop or bridge and take photos in a safe area (please don’t fall) using the city as your background.

Parking gargae rooftof (21st avenue Nashville)

Mural or a Sprayed Painted Wall – Find a mural or a sprayed painted wall in your city and use it as a background. Murals bring a special creativity to your photos. If you are in Nashville, here is a list of local murals.

Mural located on 8th avenue (Nashville)

I hope the above ideas help make your next shoot amazing! Leave a comment or email me with questions or help with your poses or clothing for your next shoot! :)

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