Things I learned from my grandmother

My grandmother, Dorothy Ann Lipson, who we affectionately called, "Grand-Dottee" passed away suddenly almost a month ago on November 9th. She was my last living grand parent and in honor of her life, I wanted to share some of the"things" I learned from her.

Grand-dottee loved to tell funny stories. Especially stories about things her grand children said and did. Here's a funny story she often told about me: She and I were passengers in a car, driving over a river. As we crossed the river, Grand-dottee looked out the window, to the river below and saw two men fishing. She said aloud, "I wonder what kind of fish they're catching?" I was about three years old at the time and I was sitting in the back seat. I looked out the window, down to the muddy river where the men were fishing and answered, "Dirty ones".

She loved taking pictures. And took pictures of family, friends...everybody! As we worked on her Homegoing program, we sorted through hundreds of pictures she had taken to select a few to include in the program. As I looked through her pictures, I was comforted as I recalled the moments she had captured. It touched me to see not only myself in many of the photographs but also my friends, reassuring me that she not only cared about me but also those that were a part of my life.

She was an encourager. She always made me feel and believe I was exceptionally special and beautiful.

Here are few more things she taught me:

  1. To love and support your family.

  2. Attend church and participate - She attended and served at the same church for over 50 years as a Sunday school teacher, Usher, Kitchen Worker, Vacation Bible School and others areas.

  3. Read your bible - I would see her often reading & studying her bible.

  4. Give, give, give - She was a giver and always had a willing heart to serve.

  5. Remember your family and cultural history

Saying good bye to her has not been easy. I still cry many days but her memories are what keep me going. I know she loved me dearly through her words and actions and I know that she knew I shared the same love in return. I am at peace with her journey for I know she is where she belongs. And until I join her, I will remember each thing she taught me in my heart and in my daily deeds. Thanks for allowing me to share, our Grand-Dottee with you!

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